Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy to be Annoyed

Paws off my pizza, lady!
   I've never been so happy to have Gyp climbing over me to steal my food (in this case, Spin Pizza... With Italian sausage, Granny Smith apples and candied pecans. Not exactly what you'd expect a cat to beg for!)
   She is doing a bit better this morning, after having to have two more teeth extracted yesterday. (Due to cavities and an abscess. She has very few teeth left at this point. The anesthetic hit her really hard; she was having trouble recovering from it, and even 24+ hours after the procedure is having some trouble getting around.

   But for the first time in a week, she wanted to eat and actually ate a decent amount of chicken baby food, canned k/d, and some freshly-cooked turkey breast that my angel, Mary Ann, brought over today. She surprised me by showing up with a bunch of turkey that she bought just for Gypsy, and presents for all of us. Incredibly thoughtful and kind... she really made me count my blessings today!
Really enjoying the turkey!!!
   Gypsy has been with me for 15 years & counting, and I'm sure hoping we'll get several more great years together! Honestly, when it comes to Christmas and my birthday, having her happy and healthy would be the best and most cherished gift I could ever ask for. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
   — Jen & The Gyp
Snoozing after a good meal