Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Very Britten Christmas

   Britten's annual birthday/Christmas party was tonight, and she outdid herself by whipping up about 1000 different incredible homemade appetizers on the spot. My favorites may have been the bacon-wrapped baked potatoes with spicy peanut sauce...
   I learned how to make potato latkes and got to pitch in. Chocolate croissants, hot brie toasts, crab puffs, artichoke dip, fontina-stuffed mushrooms, mango salsa, homemade flour de sel caramels, sangria, wine, mead... I think I consumed at least 18,000 calories! She and Rich are great hosts and we had a blast. (Rich was in rare form, wearing his Santa hat and cracking me up with crazy cop stories.) 
   Maybe next time we'll try out her birthday gift from one of her students: yogarrific gingerbread cookies!
   Actually, this baker's site where the cookie cutters can be purchased is very cool, too. Love this dog cake!