Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dam Funny

   As we hiked the trail along Smithville lake, the dogs found a place to get down to the shoreline and delighted in playing in the water and running up and down the edge. Except Aki and Taylor, that is. They found a beaver dam and were sniffing and racing around so wildly that I was just sure we were going to have a "Wild America" moment. It is quite amazing how strong their prey drive is, as any Shiba owner will tell you. They go deaf when they catch the scent of something: completely single-minded and focused.
   Taylor was content to explore the surface, but Aki was determined to find a way in.
   Aki walked around and around, sniffing the large den just under the surface... and then suddenly DISAPPEARED down a tunnel that took her deeper, and underground. That's when I really got nervous... she was GONE. Who knows who or what she might encounter down there, if she'd be able to get back up, if the tunnel was flooded and she may be in danger. My heart pounded as we called for her and waited.
   While we were waiting, I heard and saw TWO large, torpedo-shaped creatures jet out from under the dam and into the open lake. The beavers were home, and Aki had flushed them out! Was she still in pursuit? Would she surface in the lake? She is NO swimmer!
   Needless to say, I was quite relieved when I saw her white face and dark eyes appear again, unscathed.
   It was a tight fit, but after a couple of tries, the dam gave birth to my Shiba.
And lest you think that Shibas have all the fun, check out Asher.