Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Hike to Kick off 2012

   It's official: my dogs are spoiled. I mean, even more than usual. Today we took our third hike with Joni in a week's time: first Shawnee Mission Park with Renee, then Weston Bend State Park with Susan, and now Clinton Lake State Park with Sara & Sean! Although today felt cold compared to yesterday's 65 degree temps, the sun made it feel more than the 45 actual degrees, and the wind felt refreshingly cool. And although the KC area received rain & hail last night, the trails out west were mercifully dry. Overall, a gorgeous New Year's Day. It was nice to see the ol' George Latham trail again.
Today we answered the question, "How many people & canines
can you stuff into a 17-year-old Blazer?" (5 of each)
Turns out 5 adults & 5 canines fit! Although tight it was actually comfortable... until Taylor started farting. (I think the look on my face says it all... I'm fading!!!)
Hi Kippy!
I think he likes me.
Alan and Sean talking about... oh hell, I dunno. My mind was foggy with Taylor gassing us out in the backseat!
Aki climbed right up onto Sara's lap (and ended up sleeping on her for half the drive)!
Random teepee!  For the record, we did not peepee in the teepee.
Cute shot of Sara, Sean, Kip, Asher & Wager
Family photo: Alan, Joni, Kip, Wager & Asher
Latham, Lathan... Hey, if George doesn't mind, who am I to correct them?
Posing on the rock wall
Turns out I don't have Joni's gift for getting so many people & animals to pose all at once!
Mr. Tay looking good in the winter sun... love that red undercoat!
Mr. Tay wanted to get into that water SO badly, it was difficult to get him to hold still!
Aki & Tay
Joni & Asher
Joni, Asher & Alan
The Shibas were too excited to see what's ahead, and crowding poor Joni on the trail...
Pretty sunset, leaving long tree shadows
The sun looks star-shaped through those trees!
Joni, Alan & the pups heading back to the car
"Mom, it's past dinnertime. Can we head home already, please?"
Border pile in the back... so cute!
Found a few riders on my pack when I got home. Better on that than on the dogs!
   Joni spoiled me again by cooking up a great New Year's feast to help us warm up when we returned. While the five dogs snoozed around our feet (my Shibas took about 3 seconds to make themselves at home!), we had pork roast with black-eyed peas (for good luck!), cheesy potato casserole, carrot soufflé, and fresh cornbread. And more of her yummy dessert, with blueberries this time! I feel like a real member of the Godsy household, and am so grateful for the fun time spent with their family for Christmas, New Year's, and in-between!