Monday, January 2, 2012

If it pleases the queen...

   Allyson just told me that she bought her kitty, Lacey, a new fleece (dog) bed for Christmas, and Lacey has hardly stepped out of it ever since. I was beaming when I read it: so sweet! And it reminded me of something similar that my cats have done:
   In Atom's last few months, he got really bold about stealing the dogs' beds, and I frequently spotted him curled up into a tiny ball in the middle of their big beds, with the dogs nervously shuffling around, afraid to disturb him to reclaim their spot. It made me so happy for him to take charge.
   Similarly, recently Gypsy has said "screw your rules" and is now spending the majority of her time lounging on the dining room table, where the cats had never been allowed before. I willingly gave in, in an attempt to coax her to eat, and now her bowls are right in the middle. Who cares... as long as the queen is pleased!  :)