Sunday, February 19, 2012

Working up an Appetite

   Got up this morning with my ankle sore from the hour I walked at the dog park yesterday, and discouraged about how sedentary I've had to be for the last 2 weeks. Decided to get myself back into the gym; at least I could lift weights. That way, if my ankle is ready for Commando Run on March 31, my upper body will be ready too. Spent an hour lifting (as usual, the only chick on the machines!), and did 120 crunches. Felt great!
   Came home inspired to whip up a good breakfast, too: eggs with sautéed portobellos and red & yellow onion, spinach, Italian parsley, feta, Spanish Serrano ham, chorizo, and salchicchon, and balsamic glaze. With fresh pineapple and blackberries. Yum! I could get into this new Sunday routine...