Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dog Park Fun with Friends

   Brett met me at Stoll Park tonight, to give my pups a good, long romp before I leave for San Francisco for a few days. He brought his pup, Sam, and his kids, Shane & Jenna. My pups had never met the kids before, but they were pretty much enthralled by all the extra attention.
Shane worked on getting Aki to jump...
And, WOW! What a jump!
Jenna sweet-talked Aki into a high-five:
Shane caught it on camera:
And then Mr. Tay moved in...
Tell me this isn't the happiest dog you've ever seen:
Mobbed for treats:
Run, Shibas, Run!
But watch out for that spiky tree!!! (A honey locust...?)
And watch out for that wild boxer!
And even wilder Wheatie!
   Okay. We all know kids and poodles and Shibas are cute—but ALL of us were upstaged by a lil' man named Porter. He's an 8-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog: ten pounds of adorableness.
He was a little hard to photograph: always moving!
All the dogs were jealous.
Off into the sunset...
And again I have to ask, this is March?! Are we sure? 'Cause it's almost 70 degrees. Where is the proverbial lion?