Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Hounds

   To lighten my mood, I headed over to Shawnee Mission Park shortly after I returned from the vet this morning, hoping that Joni & Alan, Wager, Kippy & Asher; and Kay and Bella; and Kristi and Brandy would still be there. And what luck! The park was PACKED, but just as I drove up a parking spot opened... right next to Joni's car!
   The Shibas and I jogged down to the beach, and we met them on the hill. Everyone had a blast, and all dogs got along great. The Borders swam, and my guys skirted the shoreline. Taylor spent most of the time off-leash and did VERY well with recall! I never had to "go get him", a real milestone. It helps to be surrounded by awesome people with well-behaved and balanced dogs!
Ash takes the high road, Tay takes the low road
Wet Asher
COMIN' THROUGH!!! Tay almost gets intercepted by a Dane
Waterlogged dogs
Aki love
Adorable Brandy
Krazy Kippy

Nyaah-nyaah!!! Puppies are brats!
Seeing double
Beggars x3
Oh, THERE you are!
Kip & Wage
Kip & Wage

Border Boys

Beggars multiplied!!!
Psst... Taylor! I didn't get a treat yet, did you?
Happy hounds
Leaders of the pack
Heading home
The Aftermath