Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Kit

   My friend & fellow MSIR volunteer (Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue) Mary Jane came over this afternoon to show off her new puppy. Kitsune ("Kit", for short) came into rescue and is what's affectionately known as a "failed foster"... MJ couldn't let him go! She got a real gem: he is friendly and confident, but not dominant, and plays very well with others, as these images can attest. My mom and I, and my dogs, had a blast getting to see him!
Back it up, there, Kit... beep beep beep
That's better, but hold still, willya?!
Stalking Aki
The chase is on!
Aki's in the lead...
Kit is catching up...
And meanwhile, Mr. Tay puts the moves on MJ...
Kit: Let's PLAY!!!
Aki: Sorry, kid. We're pooped!
Taylor: Zzzzzzzzz