Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday: Mom Arrives in KC

   Mom flew in from Ohio this morning to spend her spring break with me. I decided to surprise her by taking the mutts to the airport with me. I knew they'd enjoy the ride in the car, and I was curious to see how they'd handle the situation. Not surprisingly, they behaved very well, and we heard the usual oohs and aahs over their extreme cuteness.
   Taylor was especially curious about the escalator when we walked by. I think he would have jumped right on it if I had let him! Aki didn't seem to notice that, but she was enthralled with the sliding doors. This one squeaked a little like a rodent. So she paced back & forth, staring up at it, and even stood up on it. She wasn't afraid at all, just very, very curious and on high-alert.
   After we found Mom and retrieved her bags, we headed toward home, with a detour at Antioch Park. Spring had sprung a few weeks early, and I wanted her to see one of my favorite parks in town. The daffodils, hyacinths, magnolias, redbuds, dogwood, and cherry blossoms didn't disappoint! She quickly learned that it isn't easy to walk two excited Shibas:
   The rest of the afternoon, Mom worked outside in my yard, weeding and cleaning up the flower beds, picking up sticks, and trimming the shrubs. I was amazed at how much she finished so quickly! Partly because she was racing to beat the rain, and partly because she's had years of practice. What a relief to have that work done for the season! It's like having my own park in my backyard!