Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun at the Pet Expo

Psst!!! Bring back something fun for me!
   This weekend was the Pet Expo at the The Overland Park International Trade Center. I attended last year with both dogs, but it was SO crowded that Aki didn't enjoy it completely, so this year, she snoozed at home while Tay and I hit the town. Tay is very okay with crowds! But he did look a little bummed to be leaving his buddy at home:
He perked up as soon as he walked into the Trade Center, though! He got to walk on carpeting, try out the elevators, and see tons of other dogs and people, not to mention shop booth after booth of doggy delights, sample treats of all varieties, and ogle a bunch of rescued parrots, whom he wanted to eat.
   His favorite thing at the whole expo? These empty cages. He was just SURE that there must be an animal in ONE of them! He raced back and forth, sniffing and checking them all, even standing on them for a top-down check. His goofy tail-hawk was wagging the whole time.
    The best part of the show—for me—was scoring a huge bag full of different dry & wet cat foods from a few brands, to try with her persnickety highness. Back at home, I piled more foods on the dining room table for Gyp to sample, then we all settled in together on the couch.