Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Turn

   I got up bright & early this morning to take Ms. Gyp to the vet. This morning was my first attempt at delivering her subcutaneous fluids, under a vet tech's guidance. It will save me many more trips to the vet, and hopefully cause less stress on the kitty. I snapped a couple of pics before we left:
Kit & Kit Kat Klock:
   Tiffany had demonstrated the procedure to me last night, and it wasn't as big a deal as you might expect. Fortunately, cats have a fat pad around their shoulder blades—it's why kittens can be picked up by the scruff with no discomfort. And even more fortunately, Gyp is a model patient. So this morning the tech walked me through the whole process, and I inserted the needle myself. Gyp barely flinched. She rubbed her face on me and purred. I really believe that she knows these fluids are helping her feel better!
Back home, and mugging for the webcam:
Asking to share my Trader Joe's chicken Tikka Masala:
And then she curled up next to me for a nap.
Technically, she stole MY spot. But she can have it. :)
Then I took off to destress myself with a yoga class. Ommm...