Saturday, May 5, 2012

And Then There Were Turtles

   As if Jen & Greg's place wasn't cool enough, the previous homeowner had left then a large cement enclosure, overgrown with plants—the perfect habitat for their collection of box turtles! My dogs had only seen a turtle once, this year on Easter, while hiking at Shawnee Mission Park with Madeline & Bruce. They were *fascinated*.
   Aki, who is only one-quarter of my body weight, suddenly became so strong I could barely contain her! She is a mighty hunter for sure!
Bruce: Which one do you want, Aki?
Aki: Sorry, Bruce. They're ALL MINE.
The three amigos, looking like excited lil' kids:
She almost bit it's head off. Thank goodness for lightning-fast turtle reflexes!!!
It was time to go, so the happy Shibas piled in the car...
 And in merely a few minutes... ZONKED!!!
    Somehow they managed to be wide-awake by the time they got home. Jen sent us home with TREATS—GOOD ONES!!!
 So entranced he cannot hold up his fat head to make eye contact:
   So yeah, all in all, about as good as a doggy day gets. And for me, having all this fun after surviving a Warrior Dash? Priceless!