Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet New Kitty

   We arrived early to meet Jenna, and spent some time exploring Petsmart, meeting up with 10 month old Buddy (a soft-coated wheaten terrier) and his family. I'll tell you, if wheaties looked like this when they were full grown (extra shaggy with dark markings & puppy proportions), I'd have one by now—CUTE!!!
   She came with the name Francine, after having originally been named Fancy; cute, but not suitable for this girl. So far the suggestions have been Apricot, Momo ("peach" in Japanese), and Kismet ("Kizzy" for short). Maybe Joanie, after my favorite red head on Mad Men? Send me ideas. We shall see what fits, once I've lived with her for a few days.
Check. Out. This. Face.
I was allowed to let her out of her cage, to get to know her better...
Taylor didn't even notice her!
Aki is not sure about this "kitty" thing. She gives a lil' protest:
And in response, Kitty smacks her on the nose...
And Aki tries to eat her face. Uh-oh... But at least Kitty isn't scared!
And finally, Taylor notices!
Gorgeous coat...
   Honorable mentions to Paisley and Hope, two other dear kitties. It was a very, very difficult decision! I couldn't take you all, but I'm sure you will find your perfect home soon!