Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh, Buoy!

   Our day of kayaking was super-fun and remarkably free of mishaps, considering this was only the dogs' second outing. They were extremely well-behaved throughout the day, and I was very proud of them. Until... as we were all paddling up to the boat ramp at the end of the day, the dogs noticed a buoy bobbing in the water. They stood at attention and watched it, then began to bark, warning the foreign being to stay away. It bobbed in response, and they did not approve.
   This started a firestorm of barking. As is my custom, when my dogs are wary or afraid of something, I take them towards it, so they can meet it firsthand and understand that it won't hurt them. We've done this with bikes and strollers, plastic bags blowing in the wind, ... and captive bison. It usually works like a champ.
   This time, however, as we rounded the buoy, the dogs surged forward and the barking escalated out of control, and (after I was forced to shut off the camera for safety) I had to grab the handles on their life vests and hold on, to make sure they didn't jump out, and capsize us.
   Brett yelled, "PADDLE AWAY FROM IT!"
   To which my only response could be, "WITH WHAT HAND?? I CAN'T LET GO OF THE DOGS!!!"
    Fortunately, Danny was nearby and came to my aid, dragging my kayak back towards the ramp. Crisis averted. Thank you, Outward Hound, for adding the handle to the back of your life vests!!!