Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aki Unconed

   Tonight when I returned home from work, I could tell Aki was feeling better (even if her wounds still look a little gnarly). So we headed to our agility class--the last one of this series. Only one other student showed up, perhaps due to the heat, so Emma & Max, and Aki & Taylor & me, took turns and ran the course for an hour ourselves. Suddenly we could feel all of the 94 degrees! But the dogs did pretty well despite that, and we had fun, which is the whole idea. Aki did fine without the cone and it was fun to see her bouncing around unhindered again.
   She and Taylor ran laps in the dog park after class (too fast for my camera!), chasing each other, exploring, & hunting by running zig-zags to canvas the entire area. (We saw a large groundhog on the way in tonight.)
Hiding in the shadows...
   Afterward I resisted the urge to just stand & bask in the afterglow of my superclean garage, got the weed wacker started finally, & trimmed the whole yard. After that, and dinner, I'm ready to crash! Good night, internets!