Monday, June 18, 2012

Friendship & Photographs

   My friend Rick is amazing. Not only is he super knowledgeable and talented, but he's equally generous and thoughtful. He took me on a great hike on my first day in Portland last November, and loaned me a fantastic hiking guide for the Columbia Gorge (which totally got rain-soaked despite my best efforts, and he wasn't even upset!). Since Rick & his wife have a dear dog with kidney disease, he knew all too well what I was going through these past few months, when I quickly lost both kitties.
   Rick recently surprised me by sending me a few prints of one of my favorite Gypsy photos, on several different high-quality papers. Each has subtle differences in value, color, and texture and I can't even pick a favorite. Rick joked that I could wallpaper the house with them, and I just might.
   What a sweet, thoughtful gift… sure to be as treasured as the creature who inspired them. THANKS, RICK!!!
   Rick is a keen observer of nature, an incredible photographer, and relishes life—which all comes through in his work. I hope you'll check it out. Great stuff.
images © Copyright Rick Stare