Saturday, September 14, 2013

Inspired Frenzy

The race to make art for the annual Hallmarket art fair has begun... And only TWO weeks before the event, which is 9/28. Eeeeek!!!
So far the stars are shining on me. As I was running errands today (which included stopping at Home Depot and getting a nice man to cut a ton of little wood squares for me (he didn't even charge me for the cuts! It pays to look cute and be super nice!), I was struck with a bunch of ideas, which I frantically scribbled in my sketchbook before they could leave me. After all, easy come, easy go. Tonight I've been sketching up a storm, and have 10 pieces ready to begin painting!
My initial inspiration was a scrap piece of wood that Monte gave me, which I turned into my "Hellz Yeah" bear. I kept the wood grain. I think the series will all be limited color with heavy blacks. I'm drawing from all my favorite things: animals, travel, adventure, wit, pop culture, reverence for nature, and a few surprises. Some so surprising that I having discovered them yet.
It will be no small miracle if I get enough done in time for the show. But I'm giving it a go. And at the same time trying to study all my Scuba manuals to support my quick decision (at the urging of fellow Roatan divers) to go for Divemaster. What universe am I in? Am I insane? I think yes. But... Damn! I'm having so much fun!!!! I'm thinking if I can sell some art, I won't feel so guilty about the armload of Scuba manuals I purchased today.
I don't know where inspiration comes from, but right now I have it in spades, for my artwork and for diving. So what do I choose? Both, of course. At this rate I should have time to get a good night's sleep in about two years. When inspiration hits, you let it ride.