Sunday, September 15, 2013

Premiere 10k

   Here I am with Big Jay, the KU Jayhawks' mascot. For some stupid reason I have loved those goofy costumes ever since my parents took us to Disneyland as little kids. Probably influenced me towards becoming an artist. Characters come to life? Awesome!!! But, I digress. This post is about a race.
   Today was my very first 10k, in an actual race with timing. Most I'd done before was the 8k for the Amy Thompson Memorial Day run a few years back. I ran the Electric Run course twice just last month, so I knew I could go the distance. But my training has wavered from work, vacation, and other busyness. I'm glad Britten & Rich ran with me--I probably would have slowed down or even walked some if I weren't trying to be strong for them. Yay, teamwork!
   This was the third year for the Plaza 10k, and they do it right: great shirts, and slick finishers' medals. Great atmosphere, full house: the race sold out! 
Rich was kind enough to pose with both of us.
   Can you tell by the size of my smile, how glad I am that it's over?
Rich & I crossed the finish line together, and Britten was just a bit behind us. Nice race, guys!!!
   I did well, hitting my goal time of "under 1 hour", landing at about 58 minutes. That will give me something to beat, as I'm registered for the Groundhog Run 10k (underground, at the end of January). I'm still wondering if I have a half marathon in me. Certainly not at this pace. And certainly not without thorough preparation. I'm chronically undertrained for races. But without losing 1 or 2 or 20 of my hobbies, I give all the time I can.
   Just got an email with more detailed results (KC Running Company = AWESOME): There were 418 finishers in the Female 35 to 39 age group and 3139 finishers in the race. Your overall finish place was  1232 and your age group finish place was 124.  Your overall finish percentile was 39 while your age group percentile was 30.  Your time of 59:03.8 gave you a 9:31 pace per mile.