Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#inktober love

   Check out this link for an explanation of "Inktober", designed to encourage artists to draw every day this month for fun & to grow their skills:
   Drawing every day is not a problem--I already do that; and I almost always draw in ink--my high school art teacher (whose name is Art Counts, I kid you not) taught me that it forces you to think about and be confident when you lay down a mark. I've been doing that for so long that it just feels natural. Posting every day probably won't happen, but I shall do my best!
10/1: Hallmark announced an exciting partnership with Caring Bridge, whose mission is to connect people and "amplify love, hope, and compassion". I sketched these in the announcement meeting.  
   The first is inspired by the kind people and excited kiddos greeting my pups all day long at Hallmarket. There were some older boys, too, who LOVED that my pups would give high-fives & handshakes. They asked the dogs to demonstrate over & over again. I believe that positive interactions with pets inspires love and compassion, and a tenderness that makes people think how to better treat all beings.
   Similarly, I feel loved every day when Kismet climbs all over me and purrs loudly in my ears--amplified!
   On a completely different note, it was Cindy M's birthday, and she has two dachshunds...
   And then on a strange note, my coworkers/creative conspirators Steve and John interacting with bears and penguins. Too lengthy to explain!