Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random Hallmark Moments: tarantula

DAAAH!!!! Tarantula!!!!

Like my new brooch? Actually, it's not quite what you think, but close: It is a real tarantula... shell. Matt K's Mexican redknee tarantula molted over the weekend. (Yes, he keeps a spider at work. Locked up, thankfully, because I sit only steps away.) The shell is completely intact, like a duplicate spider. Even the fangs' casings remain on the shell. And while I find it beautiful & fascinating, my reaction to the real spider on me would be an authentic scream (vs the staged one here)

Tia is a very big spider. Mexican redknee tarantula to be exact. The shell she shed is huge... Imagine how big the newly-molted Tia is now! That's good, old-fashioned nightmare material.