Wednesday, October 9, 2013


   It's kinda funny when you receive shoes THIS bright in the mail and you think, "I guess they're fine; I was hoping for bright and obnoxious." By today's Color Run-Glow Run-Electric-Run standards, these are tamer than tame. Still, way brighter than my current shoes, which now have over 4.5 years and over 400 miles (from the last 2 years alone... Prior to that, I didn't have the Nike+ to track mileage.)
   I'll take them for a spin in the house tomorrow, before I try them on the road. Had them on in store and loved them, but my last two pairs have been Asics, so I want to be sure. After all, I need to verify that they'll be comfortable for the half marathon on 11/9... Assuming I get the nerve to sign up. We'll see how he next couple of weeks go...