Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hold on, we're going home

Why I like running at night, a photo essay by #jenrareyart:
   It is amazing what a little confidence can do. Just a couple of weeks ago I was running similar, small circles around my neighborhood, bored with the familiar. But I had little confidence about running more than 3-5 miles, so I played it safe. I know the nearby routes and the approximate distance. It's easy to navigate.
   Fast forward to my chance conversation with Theresa last week, when she told me I had the ability to run a half marathon already, and boom! I ran father and longer than ever before, at a clip I'd never believed I could. Huh.
   So I've begun to venture further out, and in different directions. I'm discovering new things about the neighborhood in which I've lived for nearly 9 years (9 on 10/20--crazy!) Tonight was a slow-paced 4+ miles with both dogs through the park and "downtown" OP, past the grand old Rio Theater.
   As we rounded the block and headed back, Drake's "Hold on, we're going home" came up on my iPod, the dogs picked up the pace, a crisp breeze was in our faces, and we ran through the deserted farmers market stall, which was lit up like a runway. 
   "Enough said", indeed.