Wednesday, October 30, 2013


   Gmail is down, and I love their cute lil' notice. I didn't want to tackle those 399 unread emails anyway. Fo realz.
   Although I love technology and modern conveniences, I am at this point thoroughly exhausted by trying to keep up with email. In the last few weeks I've simply given up, reading the bare minimum everyday, in favor of things that feel wayyy more important, like spending time with friends, talking on the phone to family, playing with my pets, making art, training for the half marathon, studying scuba... You get the idea.
   On one hand I worry about the emails I've missed (let's just say a collective "thank goodness" for my bank's automatic bill pay & overdraft protection), but I can't justify spending a couple hours every night reading mostly ads and other frivolous stuff that invades my inbox. It's a huge effort to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I'm calling uncle. It doesn't fulfill me.
   If you need me, go ahead and email me and I'll get to it eventually. But I'd much rather talk with you. :)