Monday, December 30, 2013

AR Hiking, day 1

   Day one, & I predict what will turn out to be the best hikes of the trip. We'll see if Arkansas has anything grander up her sleeve. Seriously, Arkansas totally makes Kansas look like it got hit with the ugly stick. Really incredible scenery!!!
   Big Bend/Goat Path hike, with incredible rocky bluffs, ancient juniper trees, and a drop over 300' to the Buffalo River, which Aki nearly discovered the hard way. She hopped onto a table-like rock with a sheer top at a steep pitch towards the canyon, and my heart stopped as I inched towards her and grabbed her harness. Leashes all around!!!
   From the Centerpoint/Buffalo River Trail. The river was extremely silty and therefore a gorgeous milky-turquoise color. It reminded me of the color of the rivers we flew over in the tiny plane up to the glacier in Alaska back in June 2011. Hadn't seen anything like it since, an wasn't expecting it here!
We climbed trees to get a better look, and the dogs swam in the icy water. Better photos on my Canon, for later...
  A parade! Against all odds, the Shibas LOVE horses! And by that I mean, "they're very curious about horses and not threatening in the least", not "would love to run up and taste them".  As far as I know, I'm the only one of the three of us who have eaten horsemeat. (As sashimi. In Tokyo. It was delicious.)
   Lunch on the trail: BBQ pork sliders with homemade jalapeño-lime-cilantro slaw. Just 'cause I'm hiking doesn't mean I can't go fancy! (Thanks to Kristin for the recipe. We scarfed these down... super-good!)

Bamboo groves?! Fo realz!
Moss and toadstools everywhere...
   A steep hike back to the trailhead, while enjoying a phenomenally-colorful sunset over the bluff, and we called it a day. 6 hours of hiking, probably 10-12 miles.