Monday, December 30, 2013

AR Hiking, day 2

   I didn't think anything could top day 1, but day 2 was awesome and packed with variety and we got an extra hour of hiking in (bringing the 2-day total to 13). The temp was colder (40s in the early morning dropping throughout the day to loe 30s), but surprisingly pleasant.
Alum Cove natural rock bridge:
   There were plenty of rock formations around the loop of this hike that let me test my bouldering skills.
Aki coveting my sammich:
   Glory Hole (terrible name, awesome cave structure with a round hole in the ceiling made by water, which still pours through):
   Red dirt trail up to Hawksbill Crag/Whitaker Point, aka "the most photographed rock in Arkansas"... With very good reason:
   Taylor on the Crag: don't get any closer, Tay, you're making me nervous!
   View of the canyon, opposite the Crag:
   Intermission: all hikers must don headlamps!!!
   Back to Alum Cove for night caving! We went back, in part, to find Aki's missing leash. And while we didn't find that, Brett found a geocache!
   And we found out how cool caves look at night, too:
   Back at the cabin with very sleepy (and hungry) pups. No mistaking that smile: it has been a great day!