Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Birthday Desserts

   A surprise was waiting for us when we walked into Andina. Just inside the door there were a couple of cute guys & a couple of kids. And as we looked for the hostess, one of the guys jumped in as host. He told us it would be a few minutes for our table, and started talking about the specials on the menu. Kristin looked skeptical but went with it. I questioned his puffy Patagonia vest... It didn't seem like the right attire for an Andina employee. He came clean, and we all started laughing. I told him it was my birthday and that that was a nice surprise. So he gave me a GINORMOUS hug! Hahaha! What the h is going on?!?!
   But an even bigger surprise was waiting for me at the table at Andina... A card and Andina's own gourmet chocolates from Jeff! I assumed they were from Kristin, but the look on her face clearly said she didn't know they would be there!
   Y... Feliz cumpleanos para mi! Gracias, Scott, para Feliz Cumplanos surprise #2. And again, Kristin was as surprised as I was!
   Y... Birthday dessert #3, we procured ourselves: a Washington red wine blend, and chai cream puffs with caramel and sesame brittle at Irving st kitchen.
Feeling the birthday...