Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I came, I shopped, I ate... I tired

   Big breakfast, then tons of walking while Kristin finished up work for the day. One of the delightful ladies at Athleta said that everyone loves Portland for the shopping and food. "Have you been reading my diary?!" I joked. SO true!
Rustic savory tart at Daily Cafe:
Awesome logo:
Jonathan Adler menagerie: 
Back to Cargo for Japanesey gifties and a virtual trip around the world:
Lotsa lucky:
Vintage 13' boys' day banner. WOW. Too $$$ to bring home, unfortunately:
Cool old masks:
"What knockers!"
Clever art store:
Gorgeous longboards:
Some fun stationery finds:
Great letterpress by Karolin Schnook:
   Once Kristin got home she met me in her old 'hood and we dashed off for a really really challenging--and hot--CorePower yoga class. Think yoga + Crossfit. First time I've done burpees in yoga, I'll say that. But I like a good challenge, and though you could have wrung me out like a sponge, afterwards, it felt fantastic.
   This guy was outside a nearby building... I seem to keep running into these Chinese lion-dogs!
   We rewarded ourselves handsomely for working hard, with mega tapas at Toro Bravo. http://www.torobravopdx.com/
Wow. (Expatriate & Beast were closed on Christmas Eve, so we'll have to remember those for next time...)