Friday, January 17, 2014

Monsters & Mousers

   "Devil dog in disguise"? True dat. My favorite quote from this article about Shibas is: There's a good reason why Shibas aren't naturally a sit-and-stay type of dog. Their genes are more similar to wolves' than any other common breed, according to a National Geographic article from 2012. It's not that Shibas are impossible to own or train – it's just that you need to contend with their instinct for hunting and pack behavior.
   I was awakened by a ruckus this morning, and came downstairs to find Aki proudly guarding her quarry. At least, it may have been hers—she may simply have run off the cat and claimed responsibility. I'll never know for sure! Either way, the girls' performance reviews are off to a great start for 2014! 
   And Taylor has lost 2 pounds since he started the thyroid medication… Success! Strong start to the year all around. Here's an old post of Atom's performance review that still makes me smile. I miss that kitty.   :)