Friday, February 28, 2014


   Somehow, despite being busy – I mean CRAZY busy – today, I managed to bust out some quick sketches that I liked. I needed the fun and levity after such a busy week.
   Deb's birthday is tomorrow, and she loves and owns horses, so here's what I drew for her:
   This next one requires more explanation. In a nutshell, Amy and I were talking about doing a girls' hiking weekend in Oregon. Then we learned that Charlie might be able to join us, and we contemplated what it would be like to have Charlie hike with us. One of my personal favorites...
   Charlie likes it because, well... We all know it's true. Amy likes it because alongside me, she gets to be "the tall girl". And me? I like it because they like it! (I wish I could have bottled the sound of all three of us laughing about it. Especially at the point where I found myself on my knees on the floor.
   And this one is just because I love to make fun of Charlie: