Saturday, February 8, 2014

Diving Day

   Scuba Power! Christy snapped this goofball photo of me after our two Discover sessions. We had 18 more adventurers dive in, and several seem interested in becoming certified. Yay! I LOVE seeing people take to this amazing sport. That makes 45 people that Christy & I have brought in so far.
   Time to hop in! The water may look warm, but even with the new heater, it's only 77 degrees so far (better than 68 last time!). It really is amazing how much difference a few degrees makes. Water absorbs heat 20x faster than air, which explains why.
Remember these important rules:
Scott demonstrates deep-water entry for divers in a refresher class:
Time to walk on water!
   I'm still trying to get over this ridiculous sinus infection, so I only spent an hour shivering in the pool before I got out, showered and changed, and sat to observe and draw fishies. (See earlier post.) It was SO hard to resist staying in the pool longer, but I'm trying to fulfill my Divemaster code by knowing when to say when. I could not, however, resist having dinner and a Blue Moon with orange slice afterwards. Vitamin C is good for you, right?
   Then I headed home to watch the men's slopestyle finals and equally torture myself with wanting to be on a mountain again. NOW.