Sunday, March 2, 2014


   This morning I made a homemade bacon, spinach, and onion quiche, and invited Brett and Shane and Rafael over. Rafa is on his way back up to Rochester this afternoon. Following the meal, Brett led a "how to assemble a longboard" clinic for us. He's trying to talk Rafael into buying a board too… Here we go again. It's a slippery slope, Rafael!!!
   Brett taught us all about bearings, bushings, spacers, shock plates, do want better, hardness of wheels, free ride wheels versus sliding wheels… My head is swimming in longoarding terms…
   We had a debate about how pretty my new longboard is, and whether I should learn to ride on it, or buy a cheaper beater board to start out on. I think we landed on the latter. Mostly because Brett would feel less bad about owning six boards himself, if I own at least two. We contemplated hanging this one on the wall above the doorway. It's tempting.
   Brett told me I needed to wear my helmet around the house for an hour to make sure that it fits properly and is comfortable. Plus, it protects my head in case of falling objects while I'm making bacon.
   Bacon, breakfast, long boards, and two of my favorite dudes? Recipe for a perfect Sunday.