Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday night drawings

   This weekend I had a marathon followed by another marathon. Starting Saturday afternoon after dive class was over I slept. And not just napped, or dozed, or rested… I mean, I HIBERNATED! I took a five hour nap, got up and made some dinner, took care of the pets, and then slept for another nine hours. This sinus infection or whatever it is that I caught a few weeks ago still has a hold on me. I'm super sleepy all the time.
   But, after all that I'm feeling a bit more energetic. After I made brunch for the guys, I immediately started painting. I really wanted to finish my Rainbow Brite piece for the exhibit at work. So, about eight hours later, I am finally calling it a night. It's close to being complete. I want to come back with fresh eyes in the next couple days and touch it up. But it's nearly there...
   Then I did a little sketching in bed:
   Thank you for the snow, Jack Frost! Keep it coming for Colorado in April, okay? Need some fresh pow for spring snowboarding!
   PS I am so sick of hearing everyone in Kansas City bitch about the snow. First off, we haven't had that much. Second, we all know that it snows in the Midwest-- this is totally normal. Third, calling an impending storm "Snowmageddon" and then having it turn out to be only 3 inches makes us all look like idiots to the rest of the country.
   So! How about we all learn to enjoy it??? Snow is beautiful, and it's extra fun when you're riding on it.