Monday, March 24, 2014

Hiking in Ecola State Park

Sunday by the seaside: we drove out to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, with a coastal hike in Ecola State Park followed by a brewpub lunch at Seaside Brewing.
Dwarfed by a tree... And a camera!
   This was a classic northwest hike: the sound of the surf intermingled with songbirds, the chance of whale sightings,  huge trees and ferns, muddy slopes in the shade, a walk on the beach, and combing the tidepools. I found wildflowers including jack in the pulpit (I presume), as well as starfish and anemones.
   I tried to drink in as much of the cool sea breezes and refreshing vistas as possible.
   Lunch at the brewpub was good (rockfish tacos with mango salsa, oyster shooters, and beer!), the only disappointment being that their awesome shirts didn't come in Jen sizes. Grr...
   A stop in an antique mall and Shamouse's rock shop yielded treasure: old milky-turquoise and green Japanese fishing net floats for my home's new nautical theme, and polished rock for pendants that Amy will make for us. The owner even gave me a free shark tooth!

   Then it was back to portland to meet Scott, Randy, and --- for sour beer at Cascade Brewing Company. I tasted flavors like honey ginger lime, strawberry, blueberry, and cherry bourbonic plague. 
   A fantastic last day. You make it hard to leave, Portland. One'a these days...