Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter bunnies everywhere!

   My holiday shopping took me to Walgreens, who had these awesome pink and white bunny ears. Literally seconds of fun!!!
   I ran into the real bunny at Price Chopper. Who knew he was so tall?!
   Okay, this one isn't a bunny… It's an Anubis. But come on--look at those ears! All he needs is a cute pink basket full of eggs hanging from that scepter! I took M'kiylah to see the King Tut exhibit at Union Station this afternoon.
   Video of the adorable and accommodating Shibas here:
   Joni and I even made fools of her three dogs:
We bribed them with Easter treats… Yet another bunny.
   And then we boarded the sushi train for our own dinner. No bunnies there, just lots of delicious sushi!