Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Eve cookout

   Britten and Rich plans to come over this evening to grill and enjoy the perfect weather on my deck. What we didn't plan was what we were going to eat in advance. We decided we would just each get some things and see what happened. Food roulette! Well, you can probably guess what happened… We had a TON of food!
   Barbecued pork chops, jalapeno–lime slaw, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, skewers with bacon wrapped shrimp and poblano peppers, soy marinated portobello mushrooms and poblano peppers, dragonfruit, tomato and onion salad, toffee-dark chocolate brownies, and two bottles of wine. So it was both a pleasure and a relief when Scott and Abby and August showed up to join us.
   It was one of those nights that always makes me question why I don't do this a lot more often. So maybe this year I will!