Monday, April 21, 2014

Not So Bad

   Some idiot droce through my yard yesterday, making a wide u-turn through the grass. Really?! Loren and Betty both came by to talk with me about it. They were home at the time. Betty thinks she saw the car. I filed a police report because I'm upset at the disrespect that this act shows, and the fact that I invested a lot of my time and money in my lawn last season. But that's little worry compared to how bad it would be if someone got hurt.
Hopefully they'll catch and prosecute this maniac before they run over somebody's kid or dog.
   Speaking of dog, as I was outside inspecting the damage, taking photos, and then mowing the lawn, my buddy Loren and his dog Champ stopped by to chat. And soon after, Betty stopped by with her newly-rescued husky puppy, Brie. That made the day better. I am blessed with WONDERFUL neighbors!
   And just when you thought things were REALLY good, they get even better! I was about to try to scrape together a meal from random leftovers when Abby texted to say she was bringing me some pizza. She found an Auntie Ann pretzel bread mix and turned it into pizza crust, with a little sauce and cheese, and loads of sausage spiced with fresh basil and oregano, and ham. SO GOOD. The perfect fuel for a run with my pups. We went out after dark and enjoyed the cool evening, with the wind blowing Bradford pear petals all over us as we were coming across 91st street.
   It didn't take long for me to forget all about my stupid yard.  :)