Sunday, April 20, 2014

Overland Park Arboretum

   I've lived in my house in Overland Park for more than nine years. So it was about time that I finally made it out to see the Arboretum. I met Joni, Kip, and Asher; and Kristi, Brandy, and Bella, for a nice Easter stroll.
   Dogs are not allowed on the concrete trails within the main portion of the Arboretum… I guess too many bad apples spoiled that bunch. But the pretty wooded trails are open to all.
   Even Easter bunnies.
   The only problem was that the ticks are already out. We were flicking them off ourselves and our dogs the entire hike, and several of them came home with me, leaving enormous, itchy welts on the two spots where I was actually bitten. Being allergic to tickbites SUCKS. Reminded me of this earlier experience.
   Back to happier things! A few photos from Joni: