Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nice day for a race!

   The severe thunderstorms, hail, & tornadoes held off this morning after all, and we were able to do the 26th annual Trolley Run. I'm glad, because it's one of the biggest runs in Kansas City, with at least 9000 runners registered as of Friday evening. It's a benefit for a children's charity. 
   The 4 mile course is flat to downhill most of the way, so it's a notoriously fast and popular race. But even that does not diminish my pride in finally sustaining a pace under nine minute miles. I averaged 8:41 per mile (34:43), for my fastest race since before my snowboarding accident in March 2013. For some reason I've really struggled to get my speed back up, but running sandwiched between Rich and Richard seemed to have done the trick. My calves and quads might be hating them later, but I love them right now. :)
   I picked up Madeline and Wayne at her house, and we drove close to the start line together. There we met up with Rich, Richard, and Chris and Haley Shields. Britten had dropped Rich off, and met us on the Plaza after we crossed the finish line. It was great to have the whole gang together on such a beautiful morning.
   This race is an out and back, rather then a loop, so it helps to have someone park on the Plaza. Problem is, we almost had too many people for one car… Almost! Somehow we fit three in the front seat and three in the back, and we all got back to the start line safely. Britten was our getaway driver! Good times!!!!!