Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Diving We Will Go

   74 degrees may sound balmy, but I'm here to tell you that anything under 80 can feel cold very quickly. I'm bringing a dry suit in the hope of (finally!) completing the certification I started in October. And I may need it. Except that on me, it always leaks, so it's basically more useless than a wet suit, because a dry suit doesn't insulate when wet. Anyhoo, should be an interesting weekend!

   Chris cut her finger when she was cooking earlier this week, so she can't dive. But she's coming along with her husband and organized a big potluck dinner for our gang. Go Chris!!!

   I'm bringing a bunch of miscellaneous food items to share. And for myself, I whipped up some gourmet bagel sandwiches: cream cheese and smoked salmon, and this one: peanut butter with apricot jelly made by Kansas City's famous chef, Michael Smith. I may be freezing my butt off, but at least it will be well fed.

   This is one of the most important skills we'll be practicing: rescuing an unresponsive diver at the surface.