Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friends from afar

   I just received this box full of Japanesey goodness (maccha flavor is my favorite!!!) from my friend from afar, Keiko. We've never met in person, but somehow we connected through Facebook years ago. She's a fellow artist, lover of animals, and Japanese culture, and she shares the same spirit for adventure that I have, so we share a special bond. She even made a generous donation of several pieces of her work for the Art Unleashed auction last year.
   She has been going through a tough time, so a while back I sent her a surprise care package full of random goodies that I picked up on my Christmas trip to Portland. This week she returned the favor with all these goodies and a hand written note which must be the nicest I have ever received.
   It is a cool testament to the power of technology to connect people whom otherwise would not have met. And more than that, it is a powerful reminder of the impact that we have on others, whether or not we've met face-to-face. It seemed like such a small gesture for me to send her a few things to let her know that I was thinking of her, and it felt amazing to hear from her how much it meant.
   I do hope someday we will get to meet and do some adventuring together, but for now, it's just nice to know that we're in each other's corner. :)