Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nice day for a 5K!

   This morning was perfect for the annual Kansas City corporate challenge 5K. It was so crowded at Burns and McDonald that I had trouble finding all of our teammates, but I found Robin and Henry, shown here, as well as Lisa T, Paul M, and my dive buddy who works at Cerner, Kyle.
   It's always a huge challenge for me to do a race without music. I really need it to keep me pumped and pushing hard. But this year the men and women ran together in the 5K, and I have to admit I love passing boys. Gonna have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat this chick! ;)
   I finished in 26:28; not a super fast time, but it is the superfastest *I* have run in a long time! WIN!!! 31st out of 167 in my age group.
   Turns out that warrior dash and trolley run last weekend were a great warm-up, and I posted another time faster than my training pace. If feels good to finally be getting back into competitive shape again. Just in time for the heat of the summer, when I have to stop running outside again. LOL
   After the race, I bumped into a woman named Jocelyn who works at Sprint. She and her husband are friends with Amie B. I really enjoyed talking with her and we connected on LinkedIn… Always curious to see where these random relationships will lead. It's one of my favorite parts of corporate challenge: getting to meet athletes from other companies.
   And now to start this weekend's work: trimming the yard, cleaning the house, finishing the Dog n Jog and Art Unleashed logos, and preparing for Taka's visit tomorrow!!!