Friday, May 2, 2014


   I took Kismet to our photo studio at work this afternoon for her casting call. I carried her into the lobby, then let her down in her leash and harness so she could explore and get comfortable. The women that greeted us were delighted with her outgoing personality.
   They tried her in a Wonder Woman costume, which was what I had initially been told. They also tried an Eeyore costume. Turns out she rocked Wonder Woman. For Eeyore, they were hoping for a cat that would look grouchy and just sit there. Instead, Kismet barely noticed the costume, and strutted all over the room in it. A true indicator of her personality!
   Assuming she makes the final cut, they will craft a costume fitted for her, and the actual photo shoot will be in two weeks. She seemed pretty pleased with herself once we got home. I was pleased with her too. :)