Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get Bent

    The good people of Bent Image Lab are my kinda people! They had gift bags waiting for us in our hotel rooms, and within mine was an official shirt for Portland's Nake Bike Ride! This is a nighttime ride with over 20,000 participants where everyone is, you guessed it. They told us all about it on our last visit, and while everyone else was flatly horrified, I was intrigued. I mean, how could 20,000 naked people on bikes NOT be hilarious??? Well, I'd have to wait another year to find out, because the ride was last week. Boo.
    We spent a couple of days working through the final audio, color correction, and grain for our production. It's a labor of love, as we went through everything together carefully to make it its best. And we're all so proud of the adorable results!
    One of the awesome things about our partners is that they are foodies like us, and surely Portland is one of the best food meccas EVER.
   This time we hit Murata Japanese (deliciously authentic!), Tasty & Sons, and this heavenly Mediterranean place:
It smelled so good that I had an audience: tiny Bella!
   Amy and I also revisited favorites Andina and Clyde Common. YUM.