Friday, June 20, 2014

Doughnut Smackdown

   Hotel Lucia is (for us) strategically located directly between two popular doughnut establishments. So you know we had to sample the goodies.
   Blue Star is a refined doughnut paradise. Modern, elegant foodie decadence with flavors like buttermilk, key lime & meyer lemon curd, blackberry compote with peanut butter powder, and blueberry bourbon basil (our favorite).
   Voodoo is super-sweet and crazy-delicious and feels like an over-the-top indulgence. Voodoo has fun, cartoony, campiness from the interior to the box. Their doughnuts are covered with full strips of bacon, M&Ms, Captain Crunch, Tang powder, and mini marshmallows.
   Taste: My palate leans toward Blue Star, in part because it tastes more like I'm eating something better for me. I feel baaaaad eating Voodoo. But day-umn, it's good! I can't choose. Best to have it all. DRAW
   Access: Voodoo is available pretty much anytime and frequently has a line out the door and around the corner. Who wants to wait, while being tortured with that heavenly scent? Blue Star usually sells out fairly early in the morning, and they ain't makin' any more till the next day. If you miss 'em, it's your loss! DRAW
   Blue Star accepts credit cards like well, ANYONE, while Voodoo is cash only. Which is stupid. We showed up at Voodoo early on a Thursday on the way back from our run, intending to walk away with a box of doughnuts. There was NO line! Then we noticed the teeny tiny little sign above the cashier's head. Both of us only had cards, like... normal people.