Saturday, June 14, 2014

Glow Run

   This was my third year running the club run, I think. It was a gorgeous night, breezy and relatively cool (in the 80s rather then the 90s), and a great crowd. It was fun just talking to strangers while waiting in the starting chute, for darkness to fall.
   I remembered what I disliked about the run from last year, when it was held in the same location, Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadium. We ran around both stadiums, through the parking lots. And they left the big lights on, so you lost the whole effect of it being a nighttime race. I understand that there are a lot of families who run, which I wholeheartedly support, but it was far from dangerous. And it was far too bright.
The shirts are bright too, but it's the awesome kind of bright:
   Still, you can't beat these views! I finished in under 27 minutes, with the pace of 8:40. And though it was very enjoyable, I think this will be my last year for this particular run. Unless they really get their act together and play up the night aspect in a bigger way. I will say it was absolutely the fastest packet pick up experience I've ever seen! Kudos to their staff and volunteers. Seriously, bravo to everyone for putting on a great race. Just put the lights on a dimmer, okay? ;)
 Before the race I met up with Britten and Rich at Kobe and gorged myself on sushi. Pretty sure they call that carboloading. Kobe is some of the best sushi in town, especially with some of the best friends in town. They even treated me, which was unnecessary but highly appreciated.  
   After the race I headed home to sit on the deck with the dogs and enjoy the incredible breeze, the passing clouds and the intermittent view of the stars, and a Leinenkugel.