Saturday, June 14, 2014


   Never once in my life have I woke up and thought, "You know what I need more of in my diet? Bacon." And yet, for the first time today, I tried a recipe for candied bacon, and I fear that the rise of bacon in my diet may now be inevitable… YUM!!! (Here is the bacon-y goodness, in reverse cooking order.)
   And even worse, I'm going to use it to top a pan of dark chocolate brownies, which I will take to work this week. (Only so that I won't eat the entire thing myself.)
   Today has been pretty productive: the animals woke me up at 6 AM and wouldn't let me go back to sleep, so I've already made the above, made a delicious quiche, and completed two weeks worth of laundry. Trying to convince myself to head outside to do some planting in the new flower bed, but I'm starting to feel nappy…