Friday, July 18, 2014

Homegrown goodies

   The only thing better than having a garden is having friends who have a garden. And I have some incredibly generous friends with green thumbs, namely, Scott C and David H. This week they brought me: Green peppers and jalapeño; basil, sage, parsley, and thyme; and Sungold cherry orange tomatoes. As delicious as they are gorgeous. (I ate more than half the tomatoes in one sitting; they were so sweet and delicious, I just couldn't stop.)
   But that wasn't all… David is also a great baker, and brought me four different kinds of homemade biscotti: wild blueberry, cranberry walnut, chocolate chip hazelnut, and perhaps my favorite, sour cherry chocolate chip. YUM! I need to hurry and take a picture of all the biscotti before they are all gone.