Friday, July 18, 2014

Boat-hoppin' Shibas

   Kayaking season is tragically short in Kansas (okay, but it makes me for snowboarding season, so that's not all bad), so we have to get out as often as possible. Tonight, Joni joined me and the Shibas for another trip around Shawnee Mission Park Lake. It was a gorgeous night, the end of an unseasonably cool week in July, and with no wind the water was clear and glassy.
   The calm water may have reassured Aki a little too much. She couldn't resist climbing onto the bow of my boat, and I let her do it so that we could get a couple pictures of my new figurehead. But it still made me a bit nervous:
   She is awfully surefooted to stand so straight on slick plastic floating unsteadily on water:
   Finally, she took the plunge intentionally, and swam to shore. After spending a few minutes hunting through grass that was probably 6 feet tall, she finally reappeared at the shore and was ready to join our group again. But this time, she jumped into Joni's boat. This was one of the rare occasion that Joni didn't bring one of her own pups. At first, Joni and Taylor pretended not to notice each other:
   I don't usually get a view of my dogs from this angle, so it was fun to see Aki happily acting as Joni's first mate:
   And the benefit to kayaking with professional dog trainers is that when your dog is in their boat, they may train them:
   Or, said dog might start digging in the hole for buried treasure, giving your friend a rather unpleasant view. Thankfully, we were in for a gorgeous sunset:
   Another perfect night on the water. So blessed to have my little boat, a close friend, and my furriest friends with me tonight.