Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hit and Run and Run and Run

   A tough, hilly course, some hot, hot heat, and some obstacles that hit back… It all made for a fun filled morning at the hit and run 5K at Sandstone amphitheater. Rich, Britten, Abby, Richard, and I dubbed our team the "flying sabertooth rabid ninja squirrels" as we were waiting for our wave in the starting shoot. (And I was elected to come up with a logo, naturally.)
   The obstacles were super fun, we just wish there had been more of them. The stretches of running in between felt too long. Unless they change this, I doubt I will do this run again, but I'm happy to say I finished it once, no scars, fractures, or visible marks of any kind, other than the temporary tattoo on my arm. ;)